The web in the year 2016 is full of information that rapidly changes, and it is sometimes difficult to identify what is relevant from what is not. In such a fast changing context how can young people create content that reaches the ears of decision-makers, influencing their actions?

GONG is organising the second DEEP-linking Youth Boot Camp in Croatia, following the success of the first one which took place in Hungary in July. On 26 and 27 September 2016, in the ancient and beautiful city of Zadar, young participants will learn how to create appealing digital content together with the help of international experts.

During the Boot Camp, participants will be involved in a debate on the future of student mobility and the Erasmus + Programme, and will have the opportunity to participate in a special training that will gather in Zadar 40 young people. The working language of the camp will be English, but summaries will be provided in Croatian.

More information here.

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