The Internet today is filled with digital content rapidly floating around webpages, social media platforms, applications and many more. How can young people know what type of content to produce in order to reach out to decision-makers and voice their concerns or the issues they have at heart?

Civil College Foundation is organising the first DEEP-linking Youth Boot Camp in Hungary, where young participants will learn how to create appealing digital content together with the help of the international experts. The main theme will be the Erasmus+ programme and youth mobility on which participants will contribute to in a wider debate and through the production of media content.

During the Boot Camp participants will also be involved in the DEEP-linking Youth Digital Competition. The main objective of this competition is to promote the material produced during the Boot Camps in the ‘digital ecosystem’. The winners of the competition will get the chance to come to Brussels in autumn 2017 to meet with policy-makers working in the field of youth and participate with them in the final conference of the DEEP-linking for Youth project. Through the youth citizens’ Boot Camps, a set of recommendations for bridging between offline and online participation will be used to inform both decision-makers and organised youth.

More information here.

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