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Project stages

Stage 1: Mapping excercise

Identification of digital influencers in the field of youth policies and learning mobility by undertaking a digital stakeholder mapping. This will reveal who to target, which are the most common digital platforms and what terminology is used mainly by young people.


Stage 2: Content Creation and Digital Dashboard initial phase.

Formulation and production of digital content and the creation of a beta version ‘Digital Dashboard’ which will test the digital content and aggregate real-time digital conversations on youth related topics, specifically on ‘Erasmus’ and other learning mobility programmes.


Stage 3: Distribution and Monitoring

Distribution and monitoring of the digital content created on various existing digital platforms and networks (the ‘digital ecosystem’). This goes with the development and implementation of the project’s Dissemination and Communication Strategy.


Stage 4: Empowerment of young people to create digital content from youth to youth

Two Boot Camps will be organised in Croatia and in Hungary where young participants will discuss the future of the Erasmus+ programme in view of their youth mobility experience and will learn how to create appealing digital content.


Stage 5: Engagement of policy-makers and launch of Digital Dashboard

Engagement of policy-makers through two online chats with ‘digital champions’ and launch of the final version of the ‘Digital Dashboard’ in Brussels.


Stage 6: Analysis and report of the experiences

Publication of E-participation guidelines for policymakers, recommendations on learning mobility and a final Social Intelligence report based on the two-year experience.

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